Executive Training

Success Builders International (SBI) has earmarked certain of our courses as suitable for an executive audience. The main features of these courses are:

  • They are short – less time out of the office
  • Don’t bog you down in technical detail even though they discuss technology
  • Provide strategic vision
  • Develop a functional knowledge base

The following courses are suitable for an executive audience:

Digital Transformation

Telecoms into the 2020's

Mobile and All-IP Telecoms

SDN Orientation

IoT Foundation

Sales Training

Our custom developed sales training programmes enable sales teams to become versed in technology so that they can be successful in the market place. Typically, the course structure starts with a big picture overview of the relevant technologies, explaining how the technologies work together to form a complete solution. Once the technology foundation is established, the course then addresses the company’s product offerings, their benefits, and how to identify market opportunities for the products.

The courses revolve around identifying the customer’s business needs and then developing the correct technology solution to meet their needs. The sales courses are strategic in nature and are developed very closely with the management, solution architects and marketing team of the organisation.

The sales training programmes can also include case study workshops where the sales team learn to apply their particular products to different customer requirements. During these workshops, the basic technology concepts behind each of the organisation’s product sets will be briefly reviewed. The learners will then be given customer scenarios where they will be required to design a solution using the relevant products in order to meet the customer’s requirements. The case study workshops are extremely practical in nature. Learners will be working in teams and presenting their solutions back to the group.

Sales Introduction to Telecoms Technology and Products

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