Data Literacy

6 Days

Develop a critical skill for the 21st century.  Become data literate

B-BBEE & Seta Discretionary Grant Benefits

This SKILLS PROGRAMME enables you to become data literate. Data literacy means you know what data you’re tracking, why you’re tracking it, how to read that data, and how to use that data to save, or make, money.

You will learn how to think and speak in terms of data. People who are data literate recognise opportunities to derive value from their data. They can thus define and effectively communicate the business value of Data Science or Machine Learning initiatives. This programmes helps in developing this essential skill.

The Data Literacy skills programme combines the Software Centric Principles and Thinking, Working with Data and Big Data Foundation courses plus online learning and appropriate SAQA Unit Standards into a learning programme.

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Technical Specialists



Managers Consultants

New to Digital Technology


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B-BBEE and Seta Discretionary Grant Benefits

The benefit of a skills programme is that it enables your organisation to leverage Seta Discretionary grants plus maximise points claimed on the Skills Development element of their B-BBEE Scorecard.

About our Skills Programmes

The SBI Skills Programmes have been designed to combine current, leading edge technology and industry skills with related SAQA Unit Standards and where relevant, appropriate online content to provide you with a blended, industry relevant, unique learning experience. This programme design approach produces an enriched skills set while still optimising on instructor contact time and cost.

Skills Programmes for groups of 10 or more can be customised to meet specific learning objectives and outcomes.

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