The New IP

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By Caron Perkins, CEO Success Builders International

The classic IP networks (Old IP) that support everything today were simply not designed to meet the needs of the connected world that is emerging. There is a need for open, software-driven innovation platforms. The New IP is a state-of-the-art, virtualized IP network.

The next mega-cycle in networking is the New IP. Like Old IP, this modern version is based the IP protocol. Unlike Old IP, which is hardware-based, closed, and labour intensive to manage and maintain, New IP networks are highly virtualized, agile, flexible, and incredibly cost efficient. Even more importantly, they are designed from the ground up to meet the modern compute environment of cloud, Big Data, social, mobile, IoT, and the need for pervasive, behavioural-based security.

By simplifying and automating network processes, the New IP encourages innovation and accelerates the speed of service delivery. It’s the ideal environment for deploying revolutionary business models that take full advantage of the mobility, cloud, social networking, and big data technologies.

Businesses that transition to the New IP will be more competitive and more relevant to all of their user communities, and agile enough to stay that way.
Networks built on The New IP technology help service providers to both save money on capex (capital expenditure) and opex (operational expenditure), and make money by selling new contentdriven services.

From a skills perspective, it is essential that to effectively function in the New IP arena one needs to have a thorough understanding of HOW the Old IP networks work. This is not just a matter of knowing the correct way to configure an IP router, one needs a solid understanding of the behaviour and operation of the protocols because without this, it is very difficult to implement a virtualised IP network.

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