Success Builders International (SBI) was founded in 1993 by Caron Perkins with the main objective of developing people potential and skills, and technical skills.

Caron is an experienced trainer and course developer and personally develops and manages the SBI Next Generation Telecoms courses.

Success Builders International has been providing technology-orientated, strategic sales and people skills training for over 20 years. All services are equipment manufacturer-independent, presenting a neutral and open perspective on the required programmes. Custom-designed training is also provided to address the specific needs of client organisations.

The Telecoms Trainer of Choice

To date SBI has trained more than 1000 technicians and over 2000 executive and non-technical people from some of the country’s leading Telecoms network providers, becoming the de facto training choice for many of the country’s Telecoms sector leaders.

In addition we provide consulting services in the data networking and Internet arena. All services are vendor-independent, thus a neutral and open perspective is presented. We also specialise in custom-made training where courses are developed to the specific needs of an organisation.

SBI’s custom-designed technical courses are developed around the technologies, architectures and configurations that are implemented in an organisation’s network, Intranet and e-Business environments. In this way, the training is directly applicable to the working environment of the course delegates. This results in them being more effective and functional in their everyday tasks. The courses can be set to address the technical level that is required by the organisation.

PLATFORM Certificate in IP-based Next Generation Telecoms

SBI’s highly acclaimed PLATFORM programme provides learners with an internationally assured Certificate in IP-based Next Generation Telecoms and is quality assured by Pearson International, the world’s leading learning company. Pearson Assured is a service that assures the quality of the processes underpinning the design, delivery, quality assurance and/or assessment of the organisation’s own education or training programmes.

PLATFORM essentially delivers the A to Z of telecommunications technologies. To date we have trained more than 1000 technicians from some of the country’s leading network providers.

PLATFORM is a Pearson quality assured Certificate programme that is designed to provide you with a thorough foundation in telecommunication technologies, starting from legacy technologies and ending with the technologies used in next generation, IP-based, all optical telecommunication networks.  

Pearson is the world’s largest education company, with 40,000 employees in more than 70 countries helping people of all ages to make measurable progress in their lives.

Pearson is the UK’s largest awarding body and is regulated by Ofqual (England), SQA Accreditation (Scotland), CCEA Accreditation (Northern Ireland) and Qualifications Wales (Wales).

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