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To date Success Builders International (SBI) has trained more than 1000 technicians and over 2000 executive and non-technical people from some of the country’s leading Telecoms network providers, becoming the de facto training choice for many of the country’s telecoms sector leaders.

All SBI courses are vendor-independent, thus a neutral and open perspective is presented. We also specialise in custom-made training where courses are developed to the specific needs of an organization.

SBI’s custom-designed courses are developed around the technologies, architectures and configurations that are implemented in an organisation’s network. This makes SBI training directly relevant to the learners’ working environment and improves their effectiveness in the workplace.

Customisation will directly meet the objectives of your company:

  • They can be anything from a single day, to several weeks
  • Sales courses, for example, can be directed at specific sectors – public, private, industrial, etc
  • We also find that many of our clients send along non-technical staff in admin, accounting, HR, Compliance, staff management, Engineer management, to purchasing officers who need to ensure they understand the products, solutions their company sells and industry that their company is in. The training could also enable staff to understand which Telecoms solutions will suit their company’s needs.
  • All levels of employee can be catered for – from Call Centre Agents to Board level management.
  • Productivity is increased and our students go away with a much clearer understanding of not only their own jobs, but those of their colleagues. Inter-departmental conflict is often eliminated.

We will design the content of each course to your objectives and to fit the networks in use at your company.
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