Executive Overview of Modern Telecoms Networks

A non-technical, easy to understand introduction to the telecoms industry and its evolution, technology and terminology.

The course emphasises the importance of data and how data networks have evolved to provide converged business services.

This 3 day executive level course presents information in simple, easy to understand language that enables you to master the technical concepts and many acronyms in use today.


This course is for you! If you…

  • Need to have an understanding of this technology to better serve your customers and assess how its use will affect your business services and
  • Would like to learn more about the telecom industry’s converged data products and how they are used to provide solutions to customers
  • Would like to develop a better understanding of the world of data, how it works and its critical role in the future of service provider networks and business
  • Are involved in customer service and need to understand data products in order to better help your customers
  • Would like to understand the terminology of the industry without having to get bogged down in technical language and details
  • Are a non-technical manager who would like to know more about the telecommunication industry trend of moving away from voice to converged data networks

Typical attendees range from Sales Managers, Compliance Managers, Senior Sales staff, Account Managers, Procurement managers, Finance Departments, Customer Call Centres, Marketing Staff, Corporate Communications Staff, Journalists, new hires and any other non-technical staff.


None – preferably active in the telecoms sector, or staff at large enterprises who need to be knowledgeable in the telecoms sector

What you will learn:

  • Understand industry acronyms and the knowledge of how it all fits together
  • Why data infrastructures are important to the future of a business
    • How it becomes possible to converge voice and data onto a single network infrastructure
    • Gain an understanding of how VoIP networks work and the different types of VoIP services
    • Develop an understanding of fundamental telecoms concepts
    • Why some SA service providers are building large, fibre optic infrastructures and how this will help them self-provision and meet their customers’ demand for bandwidth
    • Learn what a packet switched network is and what the “cloud” represents
    • Understand the role of technologies like MPLS and QoS and why they are important
    • What the building blocks of a data network are and how they are used to create access products
    • Identify and understand typical service provider data network architectures, access products and services
    • Learn about the architecture of the Internet and the services your ISP provides
    • Identify the types of security needs and security product offerings
    • Learn about technologies used in next generation converged data networks
    • What VPN’s are, how they can be created and what services they offer
    • The advantages of off-site data centres and the benefits of hosting services

Detailed Course Contents

This training course is a non-technical introduction of the data networking principles as well as the technologies that have evolved in order to build converged, next generation service provider networks and services. It has been designed to give delegates an understanding of data communication principles, practices and terminology and how they are employed within modern next generation networks. During the course, constant reference will be made between the technology and typical service provider products and services.


SBI is very experienced in tailoring courses to your specific organisation’s needs. This Executive Overview may also be run over 2 days. Our programme developers will work with you to develop this course as generic to the company, for sales staff and thus include your own service offerings, and is extremely useful for a wide range of delegates from different departments. From Procurement to Compliance, Accounting to Marketing, Sales to Call Centre agents. On completion delegates report higher productivity and a better understanding of how all those acronyms work together to provide world class networks.

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