Introduction to FTTx – Fiber to the x

This training course is designed to introduce the concepts and technologies that combine to provide fixed broadband access across fiber.

It includes:

  • Why FTTx has become such an important architecture today, including the technical and financial justifications.
  • The different types of FTTx architectures, including the advantages and disadvantages of each and the types of components that are required.
  • The differences between Active and Passive Optical Networks (PONs).
    The technical details of specialized FTTx components like splitters and wavelength-division multiplexers.
  • The specifications for cables, connectors, splices and hardware.
  • Design and installation requirements particular to FTTx.

The course is intended for network designers, network planners, supervisors, project managers, sales people, technicians and anyone new to the FTTx market.

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