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Johannesburg, 6 September 2016: Success Builders International (SBI) is the leading training organisation when it comes to training in the Telecoms sector.

The PLATFORM : Certificate Programme in Next Generation Telecoms has been designed to develop an equipment manufacturer- independent thorough technical understanding of the broad range of technologies that have found their way into modern, next generation telecommunications Service Provider networks. The programme is the A to Z of Telecommunication technologies.

Quality assured by PEARSON, one of the world’s largest training organisations, the PLATFORM certification is recognized internationally.
Companies and technical staff are increasingly faced with the complexities of having to keep up with the dynamic changes found in the Telecoms sector. Whether you use these technologies to enable your business or you are a network operator, hardware or software supplier, or in any Telecoms-allied sector, it is essential that your staff are quality trained in the latest developments in this fast-moving industry.

All-IP, next generation networks (NGNs) have arrived and the next wave of technologies which are based on virtualisation techniques are already appearing in telecoms networks. Without the thorough understanding which PLATFORM provides of All-IP NGN technology, it will be very hard to function effectively in future telecoms environments.

The benefits your staff personally aquire will increase your ROI on product specific vendor training, and allow them to add more value to your organization. The PLATFORM programme provides an excellent springboard into vendor product certifications such as the CISCO CCNA and CCNP certifications as it provides the technology understanding that is essential to achieving these certifications. Research has shown that enabling employees to attend good, quality training increases loyalty to your business and creates an environment in which individuals are grateful for the opportunities, as well as being happier in their jobs. It also enables you as a manager to manage your team better, make more informed buying decisions and understand the functionality of the technology solution you are purchasing.

PLATFORM begins by providing a thorough understanding and foundation of legacy technologies and then expands this sound foundation into the technologies used to successfully converge voice, video and data services onto a single, all-IP, next generation telecommunication infrastructure. The programme provides a “big picture” of how and why all the technologies are used and their roles in the Next Generation Network. Once the technologies and acronyms are correctly positioned, it then drills down and provides detail of the technologies. The PLATFORM Certificate is an intensive journey that addresses the need to develop Transmission, Telecommunication and IP skills in the Telecoms industry.

This 4×5-day programme may be customized to meet your specific needs, delivered in-house, or at an SBI venue.

“The PLATFORM programme, locally developed in South Africa, has evolved extensively over time,” says SBI Managing Director Caron Perkins. “Customised updates are made every year to optimise training time and to ensure that the programme remains abreast with the technological changes and advances we see in the Service Provider telecommunications industry. It specifically addresses the need for industry professionals to build a strong knowledge foundation in IP-based and next generation telecommunication networks.”

With more than 600 graduates from the PLATFORM programme, feedback has been nothing but positive. Some of the country’s largest network operators have used it as their de facto standard to provide their staff with knowledge that immediately improves performance.
SBI delivers other training for non-technical staff at executive, line management and Admin levels.

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