• The comprehensive platform to understanding next generation telecommunication technology
  • 20 days (Four x 5-day courses)
  • Globally accredited
  • A-Z programme of Telecoms Technologies

Johannesburg 19 July 2016: Success Builders International (SBI) has announced the dates for 2016 of their world-class Platform: Certificate in Next Generation Telecoms courses.

The Platform: Certificate Programme in Next Generation Telecoms has been designed to develop an equipment manufacturer- independent thorough technical understanding of the broad range of technologies that have found their way into modern, next generation telecommunications Service Provider networks. The programme is the A to Z of Telecommunication technologies.

It begins by providing a thorough understanding and foundation of legacy technologies and then expands this sound foundation into the technologies used to successfully converge voice, video and data services onto a single, all-IP, next generation telecommunication infrastructure. The programme provides a “big picture” of how and why all the technologies are used and their roles in the Next Generation Network. Once the technologies and acronyms are correctly positioned, it then drills down and provides detail of the technologies. The Platform Certificate is an intensive journey that addresses the need to develop Transmission, Telecommunication and IP skills in the Service Provider industry.

Success Builders International (SBI) has international accreditation from Pearson for the Platform Programme. All learners on Platform are registered by SBI with Pearson and those who successfully complete the programme and meet all the SBI assessment criteria will receive an internationally recognised certificate.

“The Platform programme. locally developed in South Africa, has evolved extensively over time,” says SBI Managing Director Caron Perkins. “Customised updates are made every year to optimise training time and to ensure that the programme remains abreast with the technological changes and advances we see in the Service Provider telecommunications industry. It specifically addresses the need for industry professionals to build a strong knowledge foundation in IP-based and next generation telecommunication networks.”

The Platform programme comprises of 20 days instructor-led training, broken down into four 5-day courses. Also included is practical hands-on laboratory exercises where the learners can experientially apply what they are learning. SBI emphasises learners’ assessment throughout the programme. The assessment includes review exercises which form part of the learners’ after-hours learning, an end-of-course exam, and a final exam. Courses may be delivered in-house, at a nearby conference centre, and across the country (subject to schedules and minimum learner numbers).

SBI offers a wide range of skills training courses, all developed locally to suit local requirements. They address the training and information requirements of executive management, line management, sales and technical courses pertinent to the telecoms sector.
“Our experience over the last 13 years tells us that there is a real demand for management and sales training in this sector– from network providers to related organisations, as well as end users needing to ensure correct decision-making at the procurement level when faced with what can be a highly technical and hard to grasp topic,” says Perkins. “So in addition to our technical courses, we offer training that will give non-technical staff a fast track, non-technical business overview of telecoms, its technologies, products and services.”
To obtain full course descriptions of Platform and any other SBI Training courses, schedule an in-house course please contact: joan@sbi.co.za or call 083 703 8070

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