Digital PLATFORM: Certificate in Software Centric Networking

8 Days

Empower yourself in the digital age

Your foundation in the software-centric technologies that are transforming the network infrastructures of today
Network technologies have had to adapt and transform to meet the on-demand service requirements that cloud applications and IoT implementations dictate. The Digital Platform programme provides an introduction and foundation into the technologies that drive and form the essential building blocks of this transformation.

Traditional networks are architected using static, purpose-built hardware. Future networks will be virtualised, software-centric architectures that change based on network usage. In the digital era, “users” are not just humans, but the billions of devices that will be provisioned to specific end users, specific verticals, and specific needs. The Digital Platform programme provides insight into the technologies that underpin this radical transformation of closed, proprietary IP networks into open, virtualised, software-driven innovation platforms that are dynamic, agile and service orientated to meet these specific needs.

This programme describes how software plays an unprecedented dominant role in network infrastructures. It explains how software defined environments promise to empower network owners and operators to increase the pace of innovation and how software will drive the transformation of networks into highly capable platforms supporting emerging IoT, data science and other applications.

In these transformed network environments, the security demands are more vital than ever before. With threats becoming more complex, traditional security simply isn’t enough. The cyber security module provides you with insight into the areas of potential risk plus the approach to their mitigation.

This fundamental shift in architecture requires a skills set that is different to traditional telecoms skills. The Digital Platform programme has been designed to provide the exposure and skills set necessary for you to successfully evolve and transform yourself in preparation for your career in digitisation.

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