IoT Foundation

2 days

A non-technical and business-oriented certification

Develop a base level understanding of IoT concepts, terminology and business perspectives
The Internet of Things Foundation certification (IoTF) covers the basic concepts, terminology, and key components of IoT. It explains the business perspectives of IoT including the advantages of early adoption and monetization models. It further expands on the technologies enabling IoT and the various challenges to expect.

Several scenarios describe the use cases and applications of IoT that result in smart applications and services to inspire organizations making the move to IoT. The certification provides future insights in IoT and forecasts the status of the connected world in 2020.

The CCC-IoT Foundation certification program is a non-technical and business-oriented certification designed for those who are looking to develop a base level understanding of IoT concepts, terminology and the business perspectives of IoT. The IoT program is not a technical program, but those attending this certification benefit from a decent understanding of internet concepts and cloud computing technologies.

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