Our Training Approach

Success Builders International’s (SBI) primary focus is to build skills on the leading edge of technology’s evolution. Our courseware thus goes through regular updates to keep up with the fast and ever-changing pace of technology’s progression. Because technology changes so quickly, SBI aligns its training with international industry certifications which track and keep pace with this technological evolution more effectively than the SAQA Qualifications.

SBI’s training provides a technology foundation, is vendor independent and provides a skills springboard for business strategic, sales, specialised technical roles and vendor-specific technical training. It is custom designed to create context, dependencies, inter-working and end-to-end understanding.

SBI’s custom-designed courses are developed around the technologies, architectures and configurations that are implemented in an organisation’s environment. This makes SBI training directly relevant to the learners’ working arena and improves their effectiveness in the workplace.

SBI provides training in the following areas:

  • Technical technology
  • Strategic technology (non-technical)
  • Sales of technology solutions
  • Soft-skills

Our Training Courses


Mobile and All-IP Telecoms

Telecoms into the 2020s

Digital Transformation

Cyber Security Essentials

IoT Implementation

SDN Orientation


IPv6 Hands-on

DWDM Optical Networking


IP PLATFORM: Certificate in Next Generation Telecoms

Digital PLATFORM: Certificate in Software
Centric Networking

All-IP Telecoms Fundamentals

Software Defined Networking

IPv6 Hands-on

Internet of Things

Data Literacy


Cyber Security

Plan and Implement Secure Small Business Networks


Open Network Foundation (ONF)

SDN Engineering Primer (SDN Associate)

Cloud Credential Council

IoT Foundation

Cloud Credential Council

Blockchain Foundation

Cloud Credential Council

Big Data Foundation

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