About Our SPRINGBOARD Courses

The SBI SPRINGBOARD short courses have been designed to fast-track your learning on a particular technology topic. SPRINGBOARD courses use a systems approach where we work to provide context of how a technology fits into a bigger end-to-end system. We thus create vision, understanding and relevancy. The objectives behind the design of the SPRINGBOARD courses are to:

  • Build a solid skills foundation that can springboard and progress you and your career
  • Collate and integrate a huge amount of industry information for you
  • Save you time – avoid hours of personal reading
  • Help you turn information into knowledge
  • Efficiently enable you to become proficient and effective in a technology area
  • Build understanding of the big picture, end-to-end related technology environment
  • Develop your insight and vision on a topic

Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will receive a Success Builders International course attendance certificate.

SPRINBOARD Course Offering

Mobile and All-IP Telecoms

Telecoms into the 2020s

Digital Transformation

Cyber Security Essentials

IoT Implementation

SDN Orientation


IPv6 Hands-on

DWDM Optical Networking

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