Mobile and All-IP Telecoms

2 Days

Your fast track to understanding the Telecoms industry

A non technical, easy to understand introduction to the telecoms industry and its evolution, technology and terminology
The Mobile and All-IP Telecoms course is non-technical and is designed to introduce the world of mobile telecommunications and all-IP next generation service provider infrastructures and services. It gives learners an understanding of telecoms principles, practices and terminology and how they are employed within modern telecoms networks. During the course, constant reference will be made between the technology and typical service provider products and services.

The course aims to familiarise the non-technical person or someone new to telecoms with an understanding of the various technologies that are used to build the network infrastructure and products of a modern mobile telecoms service provider. The course will take a big picture approach, showing you how various technologies are used to create services and product offerings.

The course presents information in simple, easy to understand language that enables you to make sense of technical concepts, details and many acronyms.

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