SDN Engineering Primer

5 Days

The ultimate hands on SDN experience

Fast track yourself into the SDN era and develop practical SDN skills
Software Defined Networking is set to be the way that networks of the future will be implemented and thus network engineers and technicians need to develop a new skill set. The SDN Engineering Primer course creates a learning environment that practically embeds the key concepts, logic and components that are critical in understanding how an SDN network is built and implemented.

This course teaches the concepts and roles of virtualisation, VM’s, SDN NOSs / Controllers, Openflow, network appliances, programming standards and scripting logic. This is a foundational, practical hands-on course where you will build Switched NWs, VLANs, Routed NWs etc. using SDN technology. Emulation tools such as Mininet will also be taught.

The SDN Engineering Primer course teaches you the essential concepts of SDN, plus it exposes you practically to the SDN environment. This empowers you to develop yourself further in the field of SDN.

After attending this course, you can take the ONF SDN Associate exam and become SDN certified.

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