About Our Telecoms Courses

Since its inception, Success Builders International (SBI) has been providing vendor-neutral learning solutions in the Telecoms space. Our course offering includes a broad range of courses that have been designed to meet the needs and objectives of both technical and non-technical people.

Our non-technical courses enable those who work in the telecoms environment to grasp and appreciate the meaning and use of the many acronyms and technologies that surround them. The courses enable them to understand and participate in the conversations that they typically hear in the meeting rooms and corridors of their organisation.

Our technical telecoms courses provide a solid technology foundation and understanding that improves the ROI on vendor and product specific training. They also provide an end-to-end functional understanding of telecoms infrastructures and this assists them with troubleshooting and fault finding.

Evolving Networking Skills for the Digital Age

The Third Platform and IoT will power business and society with information and automation, but the network is the underpinning base component that makes this possible. Without it, the digital transformation (DX) vision cannot be realized.

DX thus begins with a smarter network. This means evolving the network into one that is software defined and service-oriented, enabling resources to be provisioned easily, and ensuring that consistent, global policies and security can be enforced.

SBI’s training has been designed to provide a foundation in the prominent and fundamental technologies of DX and Industry 4.0. From this foundation, you can evolve your skills into other technology disciplines if needed. Because there is a dependency on the network in all DX and Industry 4.0 implementations, Software Defined Networking (SDN) skills are addressed. IoT, Data Literacy with Big Data, and Cyber Security are the other overarching technologies that consistently form part of most transformation implementations and they are thus also featured in SBI courses and programmes.

SBI’s SDN courses have been designed to develop the skills needed to evolve network infrastructures to meet the demands of the future highly interconnected world and its applications.

After completing the SDN Engineering Primer, you can take the international ONF SDN Associate exam, on passing the exam, the you will become internationally ONF SDN Associate Certified.

Telecoms Courses

Telecoms into the 2020s

Mobile and All-IP Telecoms

IP Platform: Certificate in Next Generation Telecoms

All-IP Telecoms Fundamentals

SDN Orientation

SDN Engineering Primer (ONF SDN Associate certification)

Cyber Security Essentials


Plan and Implement Secure Small Business Networks

IPv6 Hands-on

DWDM Optical Networking SPRINGBOARD

Sales Introduction to Telecoms Technology and Products

Cyber Security

Software Defined Networking

IPv6 Hands-on

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